Why Young Living?

Seed to Seal

SEED TO SEAL friends! It’s really that simple. Young Living carefully monitors the production of their essential oils from beginning to end. They go above and beyond with their seed to seal process. That is why Young Living. I spent 9 months researching and reading up on different companies before I fully committed to Young Living, and my only regret is why I didn’t say YES sooner!

Seed: High-quality essential oils begin with high-quality seeds. Seeds are literally the DNA of a plant when you think about it. Each seed Young Living uses is hand picked, based on their quality and potential to produce potent essential oils. 

Cultivate: Young Living owns a LARGE amount of farm land, but also has partnered farms. All partnered farms follow the Seed to Seal guarantee. Young Living rigorously monitors all of the land they use to ensure it is not touched by chemicals and all plants are being grown and cared for properly. 

Distill: Their distillation process is made to protect all of the oils constituents. Plants are distilled for the correct amount of time (depending on the plant), meaning, Young Living does not over distill a plant to force more oil from it, as that will cause the oil to lose active constituents. Their distillation process is a delicate process that ever uses high heat.  

Test: To guarantee therapeutic-grade quality, that is both consistent and verifiable they test every single bath of oil. They have both internal and third-party testing done. If the testing does not meet Young Living’s standards the oil is not sold. 

Seal: Every bottle can be traced back to it’s source.

Learn more about the Seed to Seal process at

Aside from Young Living’s  Seed to Seal guarantee and standards I choose Young Living, because of the awesome educational resources, free educational resources at that! When you say yes to Young Living you join a community, with amazing support and friends. Using essential oils can be overwhelming for some at first, since there is so much information out there, but with Young Living you have a sponsor, this could be the same person you enroll with, or someone your enroller places you under to link arms with (with your permission first of coarse). A sponsor helps and guides you through your oily and wellness journey with Young Living. There are also wonderful facebook education groups, and upline education groups and resources that are offered (these will look different per organization, but I love our education groups and resources offered!)

Young Living’s Foundation is another reason why I choose Young Living.

Additional reasons why I choose Young Living:

  • They have over 20 years of experience
  • All pest control on their farms is done using essential oils (never any hard chemicals)
  • All of the weed control is done by hand
  • YOU can go (YL member or not) and visit their farms

If you have any questions regarding WHY Young Living i’d love to chat with you! Connect with me through social media, or send me an email below!



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