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Birth Stories

This week on The Untold Stories of Motherhood Volume 13, we’re sharing about our pregnancy and birth stories! If you’re new here, The Untold Stories of Motherhood is an amazing community on Instagram sharing their stories every week. We encourage you to share yours with #untoldstoriesofmotherhood!

No birth story is the same.

Part 1: To the one who made me a mama first! My baby girl, Hayden . My water broke in the middle of the night 6 weeks early. I was SHOCKED. I had a 22 hour long- medicated labor. Somewhat of a blur honestly. Something I imagined would be the most magical time, that was mine, I felt striped away because of the choices of others and anger, but it’s okay because I got the best, wild, sweet, most stubborn girl out of it.  I remember looking forward to “golden hour”. I needed that time but instead I held my sweet girl for a quick moment before she was taken and looked at, it happened so fast. I remember looking up concerned why the grabbed her so quickly from me. I thought it was supposed to be this long glorious moment of snuggles, meeting for the first time earth-side, learning to be a mama, staying the night with her, changing her, feeding her… but it wasn’t. She had labored breathing, and wasn’t ready to transition. She spent 2 weeks in the NICU. 2 really long weeks in a little incubator, with long nights to come. I laid awake watching her breath every hour once I brought her home. The whole checking her belly every hour. For my sanity I chose to co-sleep, and 4 years later she’s still in my bed  but you know what I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Part 2: My baby boy, Talon. My water broke in the middle of the night again, this time 8 weeks early! Again no hospital bag ready. I stayed in the hospital 2 weeks ruptured. Just waiting. Bored honestly. Until, I felt like I had the flu – I let my nurse know, and was taken to get checked, AND the Dr. said I’d be having baby that evening or next morning! Finally! So, I called everyone to let them know. My little guy had different plans though… from the time I called everyone he was born 43 min later. I had developed an infection because of the ruptured waters for so long, which transferred to him. Him being my source of infection then, by body FORCED him out. The doctor couldn’t believe it. Let me say transitioning from a 1 to a 6 to a 10 that quickly without medication was one of the most intense things I have ever gone through! I literally SCREAMED birthing affirmations the whole time. Looking back on it I just laugh and so did the nurses afterwards- I have no idea where these affirmations came from , but they were so good! And, I was alone this time, besides the 2 doctors, and 5 nurses all trying to do different things at once. Honestly, with how fast paced, intense, and being rushed to the operating room just in case, I think having anyone there would have made it worse.. but I know Talon’s dad was and still is sad he missed it. It just all happened so fast he thought I was joking when I texted “I had him” as he was running into the hospital. The other part of me wishes he could have been there just to see the chaos. This time, having my baby taken from my arms was normal to me and what I expected. Afterwards feeling my body go through all it did, I felt so empowered. It was one of the best feelings ever. I think because this time around was so intense and unmedicated- I felt really proud of myself. They wheeled me back down my room where I had been the last two weeks, and I remember one of the nurses confused. “You had your baby..?” “While I was on my lunch break?” Yep! 

Talon spent his first first month in the NICU. I felt fine with the first few weeks.. I had gone through that with his sister. But something about after the two week mark, I struggled. I was also beyond nervous to take him home. He continued to have drops in oxygen, mainly trigged by his struggle to eat. And just like his sister , I laid wide awake watching him breath pretty much all night.

In short- those are my birth stories! No matter the unplanned, the chaos, the sleepless nights, the bed hogs now, no matter what… I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Instagram: @ashley.marie.anderson

Instagram: @taylorbonaikens

Instagram: @brittanystepper_

Instagram: @babybumpsandmombuns_


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