Self-care ideas for busy moms

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Hey Mama! Raise your hand if you can’t remember the last time you gave your self a break with some self-care? *Raises both hands* If that’s you, I totally get you!! Self-care for busy moms can be a tough one! 

Most of our “extra” time seems to be taken up with diaper changes, wiping runny noses, cleaning food up from weird places, sports practices, and all the things! We spend a lot of our time taking care of the cutest humans, and pouring into others that we often forget to give ourselves a little self-care. 

When I used to hear the word “self-care” I thought of some long, eventful  thing like 3 hours at the spa. Not that I wouldn’t want to spend 3 hours at the spa, but this mama doesn’t have the time or money to spend at the spa everyday. 

Thankfully self-care doesn’t have to take up all of your time and money to be effective! These ideas below will take you 30 minutes (or some less).


Quick, effective self-care ideas

Pamper yourself:

Next time you’re at Target, grab yourself a new nail polish color or face- mask to do! Sometimes all we need to feel good is some simple pampering. 

You can grab my favorite nail polish here, its SO pretty! 

Take a hot shower or a bath:

Alone. There’s nothing better than a shower or bath by yourself. A few days ago I had a moment to hop in the shower alone, so I did. A minute or two passed and I looked down at the now open shower door to my 4-year old “hey mom, i’m going to play in the shower” Honestly I told her the water was cold…..she decided to go play with her dollhouse instead. I don’t blame her, I mean who wants to take a cold shower! Do what you gotta do mama. (Even if you feel guilty, you shouldn’t!!)

If you liking taking baths instead do that! Add a cup of epsom salt with a few drops of lavender and relax! 

You can get my favorite epsom salt here, and if you are in need of some lavender, or other relaxing oils you can snag the ones I use below! 

Order Essential Oils 

Take a nap:

Enough said…. 

Maybe there’s not time for you to take a mid-day nap unless you have a napping babe. And, even though many will tell you “nap while baby naps!” I know it’s hard not to get caught up on housework or all the other things while your little naps. I get it! If you really NEED the nap, then the dishes can wait.

If you can’t or don’t take a nap, at least make sure you’re allowing yourself enough sleep at night. Sleeping is crucial for overall good health, and essential for our mental health. If you’re not sleeping enough you end up spending your days feeling sluggish, moody, and just not your best. 

To help get good sleep,create a routine before bed. Take a bath, drink some tea, read a good book, get your diffuser going,lay and listen to a podcast. Whatever it may be, start doing it TWO hours before you want to actually be in bed. 

TWO HOURS before I want to be in bed, I start to wind down. I change out the oils in my living room and bedroom diffusers , I wash my face, get cozy, (try to unplug from my phone-still working on it though), and I relax. Then, I climb into bed, journal and listen to a podcast for about 30 min. I do the same with my kiddos. Giving them their wind down time, makes it so I can have some me time after they are asleep. If I don’t do this i’m to burn out by the time they go to bed that I crash. 

If you need to totally unplug from technology before bed, then avoid a movie during wind down time, and instead of a podcast like I do, you should read a paper back book and journal. 

Do what works for you!

Watch something you like too:

When you put on a movie to wind down with the kids or relax, pick something YOU will enjoy watching too! Or, maybe it’s after the kids are asleep you spend an hour watching your favorite show. 

If you need a new show to watch you can check out my top 5 dramatic binge-worthy Netflix shows

Go sit in a quiet spot: 

When your spouse is home from work, or on the weekend, or when the kids are asleep find a quiet spot to sit and relax for 30 min.  Scroll on Instagram, enjoy a piece of chocolate to yourself or simply just sit in the peace and quiet and ENJOY it! A week or so ago both my kiddos fell asleep in the car, instead of trying to lug them up our stairs, I went up the street to a drive thru, grabbed an ice cream and just sat and ate it in the quiet. It honestly felt SO relaxing! 

Plan to go to the store alone:

I LOVE grocery shopping as it is, but every once in awhile i’m able to go alone and it’s truly therapeutic! If you can find some time to make a trip to the store alone, do it! 

Get yourself a coffee: 

Go get yourself a coffee mama!!! You deserve it! Load $20 on your Starbucks app, so you don’t give yourself some excuse and just buy yourself a dang coffee every week! 


There’s something about writing down all your thoughts.  Writing in a journal can be very healing and therapeutic. Take time before you go to bed and write down your troubling thoughts. Get them out of your head, and understand that they are now elsewhere in your journal so you can get a good nights rest. 

Practice meditation: 

Mindful meditation is going mainstream as a medical practice. It used to be thought of as a strange woo-woo thing, but it’s actually great for our mental health. 

We live in such a busy world and are constantly doing something! It’s important that we take a moment to slow down and be mindful of what is going on around us. 


Just like meditation is going mainstream as a medical practice for emotional health and healing, so is yoga! Doing yoga can calm your mind, and help you feel centered. There’s awesome yoga videos for beginners on Youtube that you can totally learn and do at home! 

Listen to your favorite podcast:

I absolutely love podcasts! Perfect to listen to if you have some alone time in the car, or put in some head phones and listen on the couch while the kiddos play. I usually listen to mine while I’m laying down before bed. 

A few of my fave podcasts are: 

  • The purpose show with Allie Casazza
  • Coffee and Crumbs
  • Tony Robbins
  • Rise with Rachel Hollis


It is scientifically proven that clutter can increase stress and even show a sign of depression. Although i’m sure your idea of “self-care” is not cleaning the house, but if you spend 30 min and organize something it feels really good! 

Buy a live houseplant:

Indoor plants are so good for us! They purify the air, can help you sleep better, help you breath better, and overall good for our health. So, go out and grab yourself a few house plants! 


No matter what you believe, when you have faith and say your needs, your wants, your gratitude, your troubles aloud it gives you hope. 

For me, praying is essential in my self-care. Praying and trusting God allows me to shift my burdens and know that it’s going to be okay. Because, no matter what it will always be okay. 

Praying is an amazing boost for our mental health, if you’re not already, start including it in your self-care. 

Note your “wins”:

You can do this with a gratitude journal in the morning, or before bed jot down three things that you felt were “wins” for the day. Getting out of bed, getting a promotion, checking something off your list. Whatever those wins are, write them down! Make this a daily practice. It only takes a few moments,  and it  is so comforting to feel that sense of gratitude, even for the little things.

Take a walk or trip to the park:

Get outside and get your body moving. If you can’t go take a walk by yourself, take the kids to the park. Getting outside and moving  will release all the happy hormones in the body.  

Put on a some make-up: 

You don’t need to take an hour and do a full-face with all the highlighting and contouring (unless you have time to and want to) whatever you have time for is okay. Days I throw a little mascara on I seriously feel like a million bucks! 

Last one…..

PUT THE PHONE DOWN. This one is difficult for me, but it’s important.  We need to make it a habit to unplug from technology. 


This past Sunday at church my biggest take away was the importance  DISCONNECTING. 

Disconnect so you can reconnect.  This is SO important for everyone to do, not just mamas. We all need self-care and time to re-charge, and self-care is going to look different for all of us, and that’s okay!

Also, the time we have for self-care is going to be different. Find what works for you.  Maybe you decide to get up an hour earlier than your kids, maybe you stay up an hour after they go to sleep, maybe your choose to give yourself some time after work, whatever it may be find an hour in your day! Even if it doesn’t seem to be there- keep looking, I promise you can find an hour.

Give yourself time to do one of more of the self-care ideas for busy moms. YOU DESERVE and hour of YOUR OWN time mama! 

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