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Organize and Declutter: Kids Toys

It’s time! Time to go through ALL the toys, and declutter. Today, i’m going to share with you a super simple way to organize kids toys, and make it easier for them to find what they want to play with before dumping everything out, AND help clean up on their own! 

Step 1: Empty

Dump it all out! Toy boxes, bins, shelves, empty it all. That part can be a little scary, but you know the saying sometimes “It has to get worse before it gets better” just think in the end how much better you will feel! I also say to empty everything, so that you can find a home or new home for all the things, and aren’t back tracking because you found more toys in the closet after finishing and need to reorganize for them to fit. So, just get it all over with at once. 

Step 2: toss, donate, or keep?

This step, is usually easier without kids helping. At least for us. Things that are going to be tossed always end up becoming REALLY SPECIAL all of a sudden, even the broken toy in the back of the bin So, keep that in mind if your kiddos will want to save everything. 

Now separate everything into three piles. A toss pile, a donate pile, and a keep pile. Once you’re done put the toss pile in a garbage bag, toss it and move on! Then put the donate pile in a bag or box. With all the craziness going on right now, our local thrift stores are not accepting donations, so I had to put our box of donations in the closet, which drive me nuts. As long as I actually remember to drop it off once thrift stores open we’ll be good. I have been known to drive around with donation boxes in my trunk for months.

Step 3: Organize

Now that you only have your keep pile you can start organizing everything by separating it into categories. To give you an idea, our categories are little people, vtech cars, Peppa pigs, baby dolls, hot wheels, Doc Mcstuffins, Barbies, Our Generation, Stuffed animals, and play kitchen.  Some will do all figurines together, but I personally like to separate characters as well. Do what works for you! 

Step 4: Storage

The best storage solution I have found is bins with labels. I found our bins at Target. We have a few plastic ones, and then cube bins fo our cube storage. If you have kids that can read, regular worded labels would work. I have a four year old, and a one year old, so I  chose to do picture labels. I also labeled our shelves with pictures as well. That way they can see what is in each bin, and when it’s time to clean up everything has an easy to find spot in a bin our on the shelf. This picture system has been a game changer for cleaning  up! 

Step 6: Sort and order

Now that you have everything labeled, you can add toys to their matching bin or shelf, and you’re done!  Way to go! And, remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. A play room, or toy area is a place for kiddos to have fun. With an easy system, you and the kids don’t have to dread clean up anymore, so let the play and fun begin, and worry about the breezy clean up later!


Storage: We got our bins and tubs from Target. We have a few open top plastic bins, and some cube bins for our cube storage. I found that the cube storage has worked well for us, but whatever type of storage, shelving, or set-up you have is fine! 

Labels: I took individual pictures of our actual toys , then printed them on card stock, covered them with packing tape, and the taped them to the bins. I used what we already had on hand, had I used a laminator it would have been easier, I also plan to redo ours with velcros instead of the packing tape to give it a cleaner look. 

I added the products we used below


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