New year goals and intentions

First week of the new year! Are you ready to set your goals and intentions for 2020?

How do you feel about this past year? Are you excited for the new year ahead?  

As we celebrate our past years accomplishments and favorite moments we are also turning the page to leave behind this past year’s failures (we all have them, and that’s OK!) 

Now is your time to press the reset button and head into 2020 with big goals and good intentions! To do that I created 6 free printables for you! 

Let’s take a look at them! 


-Vision board 


-Looking back on 2019 

-Monthly goals 

-More of this, less of that 


Writing down your goals is so important! Setting goals gives you a long-term vision of what you want. 

Vision board: 

A Vision board helps you to visually concentrate on your specific goals through different types of images and quotes. 


If you want to see something happen in your life put it in front of your face daily! I have affirmations on my fridge, bathroom mirror, bedroom mirror, phone, planner, even in my car, that I say aloud every single day! You can also download the app “ThinkUp” and the free version allows you to record 3 affirmations, that you listen to in your own voice each day (and it reminds you, which is nice!) 

Looking back on 2019:

Focus on the wins! What were your accomplishments, what were your favorite moments? And, remember to celebrate the little wins too! Little accomplishments, and moments count too!

Monthly goals:

Just like yearly goals are important, so are our monthly goals! Our monthly goals should focus on our whole vision, but short-term for that specific month. 

More of this, left of that: 

Letting go of anything can be hard. Whether it’s people in our life,”stuff”, negative-self limiting  thoughts…it can be tough no matter what it is, but I want to tell you LET GO of all things that do not serve you and your vision this year or month! De-clutter all the things friend! Now, make a list of what you want in your life , and what you don’t want or want less of. 

By using these printables, you can create a clear vision of what you want this year! You got this! 

Please leave me a comment if you use them! It makes me happy to be a part of your New Year goal setting, and I wish you the best! Xoxo

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