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Keeping them busy: Kids Activities

This week on The Untold Stories of Motherhood Volume 14, we’re sharing activities for kids during this pandemic! If you’re new here, The Untold Stories of Motherhood is an amazing community on Instagram sharing their stories every week. We encourage you to share yours with #theuntoldstoriesofmotherhood!

Let’s face it, keeping these kids busy during quarantine is a whole job in itself. We have been living for all the crafts, nature walks, and activities lately. Read below for our favorite activities! 

Popsicle stick mermaids

My absolute favorite craft we’ve done! I might have had more fun than my daughter did. All supplies are optional, make it your own with what you have!


Popsicle Stick

Paint (to paint stick, or you can color, or wrap in fabric)

Glitter // Sequins – we used glitter from Target

-Gems, sequins, or fabric for top – we used some fabric we has and the flower print out

-Yarn or string for hair

-Paper for the tail fin

-Sharpie or pen to color on face

Hand Fish

Such fun little hand print fish! All supplies are optional depending how you want to make yours. Make it your own! We snagged our supplies from Target, besides the cardboard that was from an old Amazon box.


-Card board

Popsicle stick



-Craft paper ( or print a color you want, color, or paint)

Sidewalk puffy paint

This was a total hit! It does dry super fast and we had to scrap it off with a spatula the next day, but overall fun, plus super easy!


-Squeeze dispenser bottle

-Food coloring

-1/4 c Shave cream

-1/2 c Flour

-1/2 c Water

Mix together in a bowl, add to squeeze bottles, and enjoy!

Nature collecting box

I got this cute box at Target before all the craziness happened! We’ve already filled it up, and moved onto filling an egg carton.

Milk Jug House

This started out as a milk jug elephant, but didn’t go right, which ended with a Hatchimal house. My daughter loves it, and plays with it everyday, so i’d say it ended up being a win for us!


-Milk jug cleaned out

-Paint to decorate , we also used glue and cut up tissue paper to paste on the outside

-paper plate for the base

-Paper towel roll if you want to add in a slide

Chalk Art

You can’t go wrong with chalk! We joined in doing chalk art on our walks.

Bike Rides & Walks

The perfect time to teach your kids to ride a bike! We’re still practicing, but we’ve enjoyed our extra time outside lately.

Girls princess bike

Cat helmet

I give credit to Pinterest for most of our activities, but I want to remind you in this season, or any season for that matter you don’t need to be that “Pinterest Mom”. If your activities include helping around the house, watching tv, tablet time, that’s okay too!! We’re all doing the best we can day by day! Aside from crafting, My daughter is quite the Youtube fan, so i’m sharing below some of her favorite channels as well!  

Youtube Time

A is for Adley

The Labrant Fam

Ryan’s World


Life as we Gomez

The Bucket List Family

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Instagram: @mama_bear_wooten


Instagram: @ashley.marie.anderson

Instagram: @taylorbonaikens

Instagram: @ashleyxixiv

Instagram: @life__happened


Instagram: @babybumpsandmombuns_


Instagram: @oh_littlefoot


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