5 dramatic shows on Netflix you should be watching

We LOVE Netflix in our house! Sometimes it’s a struggle to scroll though and find something to watch, but when I do find a good one, I am a total binge watcher! Usually once the kids are asleep, I like to unwind with a good show and reset from watching Mickey Mouse Club House. Any other mamas with me? 

Top 5 dramatic Netflix picks

1.  YOU 

Actor Penn Badgley plays the perfect stalker role, who might just do anything for love. He is charming, yet awkward and obsessive. I am a hopeless romantic, so the beginning really sucked me in. After a few episodes you will be questioning everything you just watched. It’s so good.

Hurry and watch season 1 if you haven’t already, so you can start season 2. 


Alright, i’m a little embarrassed to admit how quickly I watched this show. The best thing was the unexpected thrill of this show. Pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor on the last episode! 

These polar-opposite women befriend each other when they connected over loss. Jen recently lost her husband, and Judy has recently suffered her own loss as well. Despite their opposite personalities they become good friends. Behind their friendship lies a dark secret, which could destroy both their lives and friendship. It’s seriously SO good. 


Okay, this one aired a few years back, but i’m just now watching it! 

This close knit family is hard-working and well known in their community, but their dark secrets are revealed when the black sheep brother returns. Mistrust and lies pile up, which really breaks this family. I am only on season 1, and it’s really starting to get good! There are 3 seasons total and I can’t wait to keep watching this dramatic-thriller. 


Another dramatic series! A financial planner on the move after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong moves his family to the Ozarks. Forced to pay off a huge debt to a drug lord to keep his family safe.


Based on a British criminal gang Peaky Blinders from the latter 19th century fighting their survival with the aftermath of the Great War. The leader of the gang is very ambitious, and despite desire and his own struggles he has bigger ambitions that just running the streets. 


And, thats a wrap! 

I hope you enjoy the suggestions! Please comment below and let me know your top 5 faves so I can add them to my watch list! 


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