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5 detoxing habits

As we wrap up the holiday season and start the new year, let’s talk about detoxing habits and a few things you can do daily to help your body naturally detox. In the moment, all of those holiday induldgements really hit the spot , but long term they end up making us feel like junk. Low energy levels, brain fog, add some extra lbs we don’t need, don’t help our digestive systems one bit, and not to mention doing no good for our skin. I want to share with you five things to help your body as we move into the new year, as well as good habits to continue through the new year!



5 habits for the new year, and things you can do to after the holidays to help your body detox:

1. Hydrate

2. Decrease sugar intake

3. Cut out processed foods

4. Increase your veggie intake

5. Be patient and consistent!

Hydrate:  So, most of us know the 6 to 8 glasses of water a day rule. You should really be drinking half your body weight in ounces. This is something I struggle with BIG time, and as we go into the new year I will be increasing my water intake (which I already should being pregnant, but it’s been a struggle for me).

Decrease sugar intake:A Cookies, candy, soda, and all those left over holiday treats… they gotta go! And, not to mention the foods in our cupboards we think are okay, but have TONS of hidden sugars. Read the ingredient labels friends those box labels, designs, and wording can be oh so deceiving.

Processed foods: Breads, muffins, processed meats, canned fruits, all the convenience foods. Let’s be honest the list of processed foods is like a mile long. Cutting out more processed foods is going to be tough for me this year. I can, and at times know I will make ALL the excuses to just grab something ready-to-go. Stay tuned for some easy, healthy recipes, meal prep plans, and mom tips to help cut out processed foods without spending all day in the kitchen.

Veggie intake: ALL the fresh veggies!! Naturally low in fat and calories… Yes please!! Plus all of the good nutrients they contain, and antioxidants for our body to help promote detox in the body.

Patience and consistency: You will not see immediate results, as this is not a targeted, in-depth body detox. Instead, habits to carry yourself through the new year and beyond, to help support your body and natural detoxing.


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