40 best phone apps for moms

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As mamas we know the importance of multitasking, remembering all the things, and everything in-between taking care of kiddos. Luckily for us, there is literally a phone app for EVERYTHING to help make our lives a little bit easier. Here are 40 of the best apps for moms:

Work, Planning, and organization

These apps are for the busy mamas that need to keep everything organized. These are perfect for working mamas, or stay at home mamas to plan and get the things done that they need. 

TaskRabbit (IOS, Android)

Task Rabbit is perfect if you need help with household tasks like furniture assembly, moving, and more. So next time you buy something from IKEA, just remember Task Rabbit will be your best friend in saving time!

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Picniic (IOS, Android, Desktop, Tablet)

This app is perfect for families to plan and organize. You can organize activities and schedules for each family member. You could even use it to meal plan as well.

Out of Milk (IOS, Android)

I love this app! It’s a grocery list app, that also allows you to save recipes, and pantry inventory. There’s nothing like have 6 cans of pasta sauce, since it gets shoved in the back. With this app you can easily stay organized with groceries. It will also notify you if you are running low on something, and alert you if there’s a deal for an item.

Trello (IOS)

This is my favorite organization app for work! I also love that I can have it on my desktop.You can literally organize everything you need, and everything has it’s own space on “boards” you create.

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Cozy Family Organizer (IOS, Android)

Cozy Family is a calendar app to help organize activities and to-do-lists. It’s also great for shopping lists.

Shopping and Grocery

Boxed (IOS, Android)

This app lets you buy items in bulk and have them delivered to your home for free. You can get anything from groceries, baby stuff, to personal care, and more!

InstaCart (IOS, Android)

Anything to make a mama’s day easier. This app is perfect for sick days or things you forget at the store…there’s always that one forgotten item that you don’t want to make a trip back for! I personally love grocery shopping, so I like to go each week, but there has been a few times i’ve been under the weather and it was so convenient to just have groceries delivered in an hour with Instacart.

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Think Dirty (IOS, Android)

Think Dirty is great while shopping to check labels and ingredients in products. As moms, we are the gate keepers of our homes and it’s SO important for us to be checking what’s in our products. This app makes it super easy. All you do is scan the barcode while you’re shopping and it will give a rating from 0-10, 10 being bad.

Amazon (IOS, Android)

Pretty sure this must-have app is a no brainer! Like what mom doesn’t love Amazon, but I figured i’d still include it on this list. You can also check out my Amazon Favorites here.

Cozy Family Organizer (IOS, Android)

Cozy Family is great for shopping lists, and grocery shopping, but also great for overall calendar organization.

Target Cartwheel (IOS, Android)

Okay, another no brainer must-have for mamas! Target cartwheel has built in offers to use on all things at Target. I especially love it for groceries! And, they now offer the rewards program that gives you money back each time you shop. You can save it, or use it towards your future purchase. It actually adds up pretty quick too.

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Social Life

Peanut (IOS, Android)

This app is like Tinder, but for moms! It’s kind of funny, but I really like it. So, you make your little profile, and then you can swipe up to wave at a mama, or down for maybe later. If another mom waves back, then you are connected. There’s also a different feeds similar to facebook where mamas post and chat or ask for advice. You can even ask for advice and submit it as anonymous, which with all the unfortunate “mom hate” I see this option can be helpful for some. I’ve actually met a ton of new mom friends on here and definitely recommend it!

Next-door (IOS, Android)

Similar to peanut you can connect with people in your neighborhood on here. I even see people sell things, recommend babysitters, and what not. I love this one, because it helps you keep in touch with your community.

Playground Buddy (IOS, Android)

This app helps you locate local playgrounds and their features. This is perfect if you’re in a new area and want to check out what playgrounds are near by for the kiddos.

Trekaroo (IOS)

Trekaroo is similar to Playground Buddy, but it helps you find kid-friendly activities and events going on around your area.

Budget and Finance

Mint (IOS, Android)

This app helps you manage and budget your money. You can easily track your spending and better manage your money with Mint.

Gas Buddy (IOS, Android)

This app uses your location to help you find the best gas prices, so you can save!

Acorns (IOS, Android)

This apps will invest your spare change for you! Investing can be confusing and risky, but this app is good for someone new to investing and super easy to use. All you do is set up your profile, link your bank and they will invest your change , or you can of coarse choose more.

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Sworkit (IOS, Android)

Sworkit has video workouts with different workouts to help you reach your fitness goals.

FitMama (IOS, Android)

This app is perfect for all the busy mamas. Let’s face it, sometimes going to the gym doesn’t fir in our schedules. Fit Mama contains short workouts that are like 5 to 10 min long.

Youtube (IOS, Android)

Good ol’ Youtube!! I love youtube for working out or yoga videos. It’s so easy to put it on the TV and choose whatever type of workout you want that day.


Sprout Pregnancy (IOS, Android)

Sprout pregnancy app helps you track your baby’s development, and includes a pregnancy journal.

For Kids

Bambino (IOS)

Babysitting made easy! With bambino you can find and book trusted babysitters. I’m pretty darn picky with who watches my kids, and i’m sure you are too! With this app you can see what babysitters your friends and neighbors are using.

Keepy (IOS, Android)

This app allows you to keep photos of your child’s artwork. My daughter is only in preschool and I already have a box full of so much art work! So, I’m saving my absolute favorites, and the rest get photos stored in keepy. Eventually i plan to print them and do a book, but for now this app is perfect! You can also share with other family members, so it’s perfect to send grandma and grandpa some pics.

GoKid (IOS)

Go Kids helps families carpool together. You will be able to set up your child’s carpool schedule, then invite friends, family members, and neighbors to join and each parent can sign up to drive on days that best for them.

Kids Eat Free (IOS, Android)

Kids Eat free allows you to instantly find restaurunts where kids eat free, or kids meal discounts. More often than not when we go out to eat, my daughter will barley make a dent with what’s on her plate. Have the option at a free or discounted kids meal is always helpful!

Toilet Finder (IOS, Android)

Okay mamas! How often are you in the car and your kiddo has to go potty, but you don’t know where the nearest restroom is? Not anymore! Toilet finder helps you easily locate restrooms, and let you know if they require a key, and you can even search the app without internet connection. Perfect for on-the-go , and potty training.

Relaxing /Meditation

Think Up (IOS)

I use this app daily! With the free version you can have 3 affirmations. You actually record your affirmations so they playback in your voice. I love this, because I believe it is important to say positive affirmations to ourselves everyday. Think Up will send you a notification reminder to pay your affirmations and take a moment to relax. If you’re at home, or working, or in the car it’s simple to stop for a moment and listen to your affirmations.

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep (IOS)

Head Space is another favorite meditation app! It also offers sleep support with music, story telling, winding down, and guides exercise for waking up in the middle of the night.

Calm (IOS, Android)

Calm is also another great app for sleep with story telling, meditation, and calming sounds to help restful sleep.

Money Making Apps

There are TONS of apps that you can make money with. Anywhere from scanning receipts, taking surveys, to making graphics, or little online tasks. Some are even passive income, meaning you literally do nothing more than you’re already doing. Although there are a ton to share, i’m only going to focus on 5 today, and make a separate post for those interested in all the rest.

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Swagbucks (IOS, Android)

Swagbucks is one of my favorite small task apps. The sign-up bonus changes anywhere from $.50 to $5. One of the easiest ways to earn cash with Swagbucks is by watching videos. The best part is you don’t have to hit next. In a sense this can be passive income since all you have to do is sit back and watch, or while you’re doing to dishes set your phone up and play the videos. Super easy!

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Digital Reflection (IOS, Android- PLUS internet meter)

This app give you a registration bonus of $50. The registration bonus is more than what you might usually see for other apps, because it is a little more than just an app. You Earn cash by installing an internet meter on your at-home wireless router. Although it sounds like a pain, most can do it in about 5 minutes

After installing the phone app and register your first device, you receive the $50 bonus. Then leave the app installed and internet meter running to earn $170/year plus bonus they do every so often. The more devices you have registered to more likely you are to increase your payout.

Sweat Coin (IOS, Android)

This app is also available for apple watch. It literally pays and rewards you for the number of steps you make everyday. It turns your steps into “sweat coins” that can be used on goods, services, or exchange them with family and friends.

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Screenlift (Android)

Screenlift is a lock screen app. You can’t completely consider it passive income since you’re still unlocking your phone, but since it’s something you’re already doing no extra work goes into it!

After downloading the app, each time you unlock your phone an app will appear. Even if you don’t engage with the ad you will still earn point, and can cash out when you recieve a minimum amount of points. Although payout isn’t much, you’re basically earning free money with no extra work.

Ibotta (IOS, Android)

With Ibotta you earn a $10 registration bonus when you sign up and scan your receipt. They are one of the highest paying receipt scanning apps that I have found. Pretty easy, when you already have to purchase groceries. I don’t go out of my way, but if the store i’m going to and item i’m getting match up then I scan my receipts.

Start saving and earning with Ibotta

Fiverr (IOS, Android)

I love Fiverr! It is an app for freelancers, or individuals looking for services different freelancers offer. You can make money by selling your own graphics, writing a blog post for a company, virtual assistant duties, research, literally whatever you have to offer.

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Clickworker (IOS, Android)

Clickworker’s jobs vary anywhere from survey/s to mystery shopping. I recently went to a well-known beauty store and was paid to take photos of some of the products. I don’t go out of my way for these jobs, but they are pretty easy to do. Another similar to this that I have made money with is Gigwalk.


Daily Grace (IOS)

Daily Grace is made to help women cultivate their relationship with God through Bible study, and community. It also offers a blog to read through, and lock screens to put on your phone for encouragement.

Podcast (IOS)

If you’re not listening to podcasts, you’re missing out! There’s SO many good ones for mamas, faith, business moms, self-help, all the things! So if you’re not utilizing your podcast app, you should!

What are some of your favorite and useful apps? Let me know, I’d love to check them out!

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